The WMERR Mission
To help neglected and/or abused equines and their human caregivers by compassionately assisting in the care deemed necessary and providing education that ultimately results in a positive outcome.

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Western Montana Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation



The horses in this site, available for adoption, have come to us starved, abused, neglected or unwanted and are in varying degrees of rehabilitation.

They have all fought hard to overcome health and emotional issues, so they must be placed with a suitable "forever" home.


Click above to see a news story on Shannon Alexander of WMERR!

Click above to see a news story on WMERR!


We try to determine the needs of the horse, donkey or mule owner if possible, to help enable them to keep their horse, donkey or mule. If that is not possible, then we try to find a foster home, or re-home them to a permanent one.



To continue in the rehabilitation of neglected or abused horses/mules/donkeys, whether voluntarily surrendered or confiscated by law enforcement from unsuitable homes. Some have become permanent residents of our sanctuary, while others have been and will be available for adoption. The goal of either is a second chance for a good quality of life. This facility will also be available to the community, special needs organizations, offering instruction, therapy for some, and education, provided by knowledgeable people and trainers.